1) Stone Catering

What we do is set up portable stones mounted on white boxes. The stones are frozen just like they would be in the store. We bring our 5 most popular 
flavors of ice cream with us- sweet cream, chocolate, coffee, mint, and cake batter- along with different mix-ins- Oreo cookies, sprinkles, brownies, almonds, Heath Bar, chocolate chips, fudge, and caramel, among others. Our servers then mix your favorite creations together on the stones, just like we would in the store.

This package can be ordered with an ice sculpture or our elegant white box to display the pans of ice cream.

2) Ice Cream Bar

What we do is bring any 5 flavors of ice cream that you choose along with all of our loose toppings and we serve the plain scoops of ice cream to the guests and then they will have the opportunity to put any of the toppings on there that they would like themselves from our toppings station that includes chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, caramel, fudge, and a few others. There is no stone, but the guests have the opportunity to make their own sundaes. We provide you with servers, cups, spoons, and everything else that you might need

3) Pre-Mixed

We also have a package in which you would select  any  5 Cold Stone Creations that you would like and we would scoop the pre-mixed creations from the pan. For example our "Chocolate Devotion" is chocolate ice cream with brownies, chocolate chips, and fudge. That creation would already be pre-mixed in the pan, and you would select 5 such creations. You can also create your own combinations if you'd prefer. The ice cream would be displayed in the white wooden box, and this package comes complete with servers, cups, spoons, tables, table-cloth covers, and napkins as well.

We serve for an hour, there are no additional fees, and we do have a 100-person minimum for all packages.


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Cold Stone Catering
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